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August 15, 2018

Jasper Coffee And Why They Use Biodynamic Milk

Biodynamic Marketing Company recently visited one of our valued customers Jasper Coffee who use the Demeter Biodynamic milk in all of their delicious Fairtrade and organic coffees. We caught up with Anthony Kayrooz, the Sales Manager for the wholesale division at Jasper Coffee and asked a few questions as he walked us through the Jasper “Roastery” in Collingwood, Victoria.

Q – Tell us about how it all started and what you love about working at Jasper?

A- One of the greatest things about working for Jasper is the impact it has on the community, as well as being able to take great coffee experiences to people and thousands of consumers and customers around Australia and internationally. Jasper coffee was founded in 1989 by Merilyn Parker and Wells Trenfield. They had deep roots within the arts world and from that, they created this fusion around exploring the world of coffee. That’s lead to a portfolio of coffees that sits around about 40 in total right now and house Australia’s largest range of organic and Fairtrade coffees.

Q – Sustainability and Fairtrade are important to Jasper? Tell us more!

Helping the local communities around the world is at the core of Jasper Coffee.

A – Sustainability and fair trade has been the heart of what Jasper is about since its founding in 1989 and that was formed through the genuine passion and desire of both Merilyn and Wells. It forms the crux of who we are, and our ability to be able to create change whether it be small steps at a time for both the planet and everything that is within that planet is something we are extremely proud of. We also have some really strong ties with sustainability through our involvement with Fairtrade and the co-ops that we deal with. We buy coffee from over 17 countries around the world now and our ability to play a part in that is something we are incredibly proud to do.

Q- You use Demeter Biodynamic Milk in all of your coffees. Tell us more on why you choose Biodynamic?

A – The relationship with Biodynamic started back in the 1970s when one of our founders Wells Trenfield was farming in a little region just outside of Victoria. And through that experience and the methods that Wells used through procuring his crops and farming his goods was linked back to the biodynamic principles that were founded by Alex Podolinsky. And now today, we still use the biodynamic products,

especially the milk range, in all of our cafes and it’s also the preferred option that we recommend to all of our customers. The reason being is absolutely connected to the positive impact that it has on the environment and how it is processed. But also, because we find the best flavors in the profiles of our coffees are created through the use of the Biodynamic milk range. So yes, it’s just a brilliant addition to the Jasper family for so many reasons.

Q- What are some of the benefits of running a sustainable business?

A- The importance of sustainability for us and being a part of that program is basically the crux of who we are and its what beats in the heart of every Jasper employee. It is definitely the leading reason of being involved in this industry from the founders Merilyn and Wells. It is incredibly important to us, that by using coffee as a vehicle to not only produce great flavor and great coffee profiles for our customers and consumers, that at the same time we are having a positive impact on our planet. This stems not just fro

jasper coffee and Biodynamic milk

Jasper Coffee use Biodynamic milk in all of their organic and fair trade coffees.

m supplying the coffees that we create but from the cars we drive and the way we live our lives here at Jasper, and obviously the way that we run our business. We are a 100% carbon neutral organisation and we’re really proud to be able to do that. Every little bit that we can do to create positive change and impact around the world and to the planet to which we live is incredibly important to us and will really continue to lead where we go in the future as it has in the past.

Q – We talked about Fairtrade. Perhaps tell us more about how you are helping some of these local communities around the world?

A – The reason that we partner with Fairtrade and have the commitment to helping revitalize these communities around the globe is that through Fairtrade we have the ability to make a real difference. We can purchase coffees and give back to these communities, and really where sometimes the cost of processing and farming of the coffee outweighs the price in which they sell it. So, our main aim is to help bring these communities out of poverty, and through the premiums that we commit to with our Fairtrade program, we have the ability and the honor to be able to do that. And again, that stems from exactly who Jasper were when we first started back in 1989, and it will continue to lead the business forward into the future.

Q – Where can people find your Jasper coffee and of course the Biodynamic milk?

A – Jasper coffee supplies the Demeter biodynamic milk in all of our retail outlets and those include  the Chadstone shopping Centre, Highpoint Shopping Centre and our regional store there in Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, as well as the Prahran Market. The biodynamic milk is also the preferred option that we recommend to all of our customers that serve Jasper coffee in and around Australia.

Q – What does the future hold for Jasper coffee?

A – The future for Jasper in a word; bright! We are definitely committed to continuing to step up the value that we provide to all of our customers and our consumers and also continuing that strong commitment to our sustainability program and giving back to those communities in which we purchase our coffee from around the world. And definitely throughout the co-ops we work with, and of course our partnership with Fairtrade. So, we’ll definitely continue our exploration and our obsession of coffee, and create great coffee experiences for many years to come.

Q – What is your favorite coffee at Jasper?

A – That’s a tough one, as we have over 40 different and wonderful coffees in our portfolio and they are all really amazing. But if I had to pick a favourite, then I would have to flag the Ethiopian coffees. They have incredibly unique flavours and Ethiopia is basically the home of coffee. So, for my experience when it comes to trying to pick the one that satisfies my pallet, the Ethiopian coffees whether it be the ‘Sidamo’ or ‘Yirgacheffe’ is definitely my preferred choice.

Q – Explain the difference between what makes a high-quality coffee and an average coffee?

A – The story of coffee and the many touch points that it has from the time it’s picked, all the way through to the time that you consume it. Every little stage that leads up to that experience is so important to us. I think that the differe


Jasper Coffee cafe have over 40 coffees in the range, each with its own unique story.

nce between having a great coffee and an average coffee is purely the understanding around everything that happens from the time that is picked from the cherry on the tree to the time you consume it. And having a genuine appreciation for what it takes to get to you. I think that once you understand that process, every coffee you have, will have a different meaning to you and it will create this genuine internal passion to find out more.

Q – I know you’ve had some success with your own business’s previously, for all the business owners out there, what advice would you give?

A – So, what’s important when looking at starting your own business is to find something where you definitely have a genuine passion. I think this is first and foremost, and also to always continue to learn. For us, coffee is a fast-paced industry as well as hospitality and it’s incredibly challenging. So, definitely have a genuine passion for it and ensure that the people that you get around you to help you on that journey and the partners whether it be suppliers or staff have exactly the same intent that you do and are all in it for the right reasons. But definitely partnering with the right businesses that are going to help you grow and drive forward is really important.

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