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Granola 1kg

Zeally Bay

Granola 1kg

Zeally Bay

Zeally Bay Sourdough (ZBS) is a fully certified organic wholefood bakery established in Torquay in 2007. We are family owned and source (directly from farms where possible) only premium organic and biodynamic ingredients. All of the ingredients we use have been grown in healthy soils, free of pesticides and herbicides and from non-GMO seeds. Since 1981 at Wholefoods Kitchen Geelong, we’ve made and baked nourishing and delicious food that’s environmentally sound and enhances health. Made by hand in small batches and full of nutritious, fresh, certified organic ingredients including ‘rolled gold’ linseed and buckwheat – ZNS Granola is Low GI but high in protein and essential minerals. The premium organic ingredients with a hint of spice and orange make this a delicious, wholesome, everyday breakfast food as well as a tasty treat. Contains no cane sugar or canola oil. This is the granola for you if you’re looking for a healthy alternative.


Brand: Zeally Bay

Origin: Victoria

Certification: ACO

Weight / Volume: 1kg

Sold as Units: Yes