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Muesli - Apricot Almond & Linseed 1kg

Zeally Bay

Muesli - Apricot Almond & Linseed 1kg

Zeally Bay

Our signature muesli is a tried-and-true recipe created by John and Jan in the early 80's for their Geelong cafe, Wholefoods Kitchen. Elegant in its simplicity and handmade in small batches using the best Certified Organically grown ingredients, this breakfast staple lends well to any accompaniment.

Certified Organic Rolled Oats, Certified Organic Sultanas, Certified Organic Currants, Certified Organic Raw Almonds, Certified Organic Dried Apricots, Certified Organic Rolled Gold Linseed, Certified Organic Buckwheat Kernels.

Packaging: recyclable kraftboard box with certified home compostable inner bag


Brand: Zeally Bay

Origin: Victoria

Certification: ACO

Weight / Volume: 1kg

Sold as Units: Yes