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Umeboshi Rosella Plums

Made with Australian grown certified organic Ume Plums.

These plums have been fermented for 6 months using a unique Kehoe’s Kitchen recipe with reduced salt and using Rosella instead of the traditional shiso leaves used in the Japanese recipe.

If you’re not already familiar with Umeboshi, here’s what wiki says about the health benefits; “This Japanese style traditional condiment is believed to be a digestive aid, prevention of nausea, and for systemic toxicity, including hangovers. Green ume extract is used as a tonic in Japan. The citric acid is believed to act as an antibacterial, help to increase saliva production and assist in the digestion of rice. Additionally, umeboshi is claimed to combat fatigue (historically given as part of a samurai’s field ration) and protect against aging”.

We use WILD Fermentation in all our vegetable ferments including our Ume plums. We prefer to rely on Mother Nature’s selection criteria to produce this traditional nourishing probiotic food.

Please note other commercial shelf stable products have been pasteurised or heat treated when being packaged. This treatment kills ALL beneficial bacteria.  Some retailers are placing these pasteurised  products in the fridge along side the raw ones.   Check the label, if it says ‘refrigerate AFTER opening’ or it’s not labelled as Raw or Probiotic then it is pasteurised and has zero beneficial bacteria.

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