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Ice Cream - Mango Sherbert 110ml

Mungalli Creek

Ice Cream - Mango Sherbert 110ml

Mungalli Creek

At Mungalli Biodynamic our farms are more than just cows and pasture. We have planted rainforest and created wetlands to cultivate a living farm organism.  Our farms are full of wallabies, cassowaries and a diverse bird population and even dingoes, exactly as a biodynamic farm should be.

Our Organic Mango Sherbet ice cream is made from locally sourced Mango’s. These local Mango’s are mixed into our traditional custard ice-cream base, made from our biodynamic cream and egg yolks. This is a rich and creamy dessert for the authentic ice-cream connoisseur.

Sold in Box lots of 6 only


Brand: Mungalli Creek

Origin: QLD

Certification: Org BDRI

Weight / Volume: 110ml

Sold as Units: No