Organic Milk

Established in 2009, Demeter Milk is sourced from 3 family farmsPeterson, Pell and Robertson – in the Murray and Goulburn Valleys in Northern Victoria.

Mixed herds of Jerseys, Friesians and Australian Illawarras with pre-dominant A2 genetics, the cows feed on certified Demeter biodynamic pasture and are supplemented in winter with certified hay that has been grown on the farm and a ‘snack’ of Demeter grain at milking.

The farms work under strict biodynamic standards and are certified under the International Trademark

Demeter by the Biodynamic Research Institute which has been registered in Australia since 1967.

With unique biological farming methods, Demeter biodynamic is renowned for producing best practice organics – with its emphasis on healthy soil. This combined with mindful pasture and stock management leads to healthy plants and ultimately healthy animals.

Working with Nature – Demeter Biodynamics – Food with Flavour

www.demeter.org.au – certification

www.demeterbiodynamic.com.au – farming

www.biodynamic.com.au – distribution & sales

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