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Gooligulch Farm – Eggs

We are a Demeter Biodynamic Certified Farm on 21 acres in Hoddles Creek, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. After first visiting the property in 2004, we were lucky enough to purchase the land in 2013. With an abundance of sunshine, water, deep volcanic soil and a North/East aspect, the farm has endless potential to be very productive. It was previously an uninhabited, neglected hobby farm planted out with chestnuts, walnuts and nashis.
As soon as we arrived we applied prepared 500 (Biodynamic Preparation) and ran a small herd of cows to clean up the paddocks. At this point a farm design was initiated and over the next 3 years this design was revised as we experienced the seasons and observed all the elements affecting the site. We applied for Demeter certification and began harvesting and selling chestnuts and nashis.
In 2019 “Gooligulch Farm” was born, inspired by our youngest son Finny (9 at the time), who likened the property to “My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch” an illustrated childrens book by Graeme Base. We have many Australian native animals including platypus, wombats, echidnas, snakes, koalas, wallabies, kookaburras, cockatoos, magpies etc. frequenting the property. Our logo was inspired by our eldest son Thomas (12 at the time) who randomly wrote “Gooligulch” on our kitchen blackboard. A photo was taken and the rest is history.
Strawberry and pastured egg production began in 2019 and avocados were also planted. Future citrus plantings (mandarin and lemon) are planned. The farm design is continually evolving.
Our intention is to grow the highest quality food whilst regenerating the land, increasing biodiversity and enhancing the natural beauty of the property.

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