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Tea Bags - Olive Leaf 15

Mount Zero

Tea Bags - Olive Leaf 15

Mount Zero

The delicious taste of a great herbal cuppa with a health boosting benefit.

About the tea:
Our Olive Leaf Tea is produced from leaves grown on our certified Bio-dynamic Mount Zero Olive Grove at the northern tip of the Grampians. We specifically use the leaves of the Manzanilla olive trees which have the highest therapeutic antioxidant qualities.

The health benefits:
Olive leaf extract has long been trusted as an immune booster and in relieving cold and flu symptoms. Our olive leaf tea is packed with antioxidants and delivers similar health benefits while maintaining a delicious taste.

The process:
We pick the fresh shoots of the olive trees at our bio-dynamic olive grove and carefully check for quality and colour. The leaves are then steamed, rubbed, rolled and dried with the utmost of care in a traditional Japanese green tea processing plant in north eastern Victoria, maintaining excellent colour and nutritional value.


Brand: Mount Zero

Origin: Victoria

Certification: DA

Weight / Volume: 15

Sold as Units: No