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Oats – Rolled

Oats are a cool climate grain, our variety is a naked (husk less) oats. The downside is that it requires plenty of moisture, demands better soil quality. They have an extremely good flavour and good healthy content which is higher than from most cereals. Oats are high in Iron and calcium. Our energy content is 15.3 [normal 12]. Our protein is 12.8 [normal 10.7].

We roll our oats fresh on demand, cold rolled oats are not heat treated so all the goodness is retained and should be consumed in 3 month period, kept in a cool dry dark storage. As a seed you can keep it for years in its original form. Traditionally oats are a breakfast cereal used as porridge but these days as fresh muesli and soups for thickening, cook oat grain for 15/20min and eat instead of rice or make it as a salad. Oats are soluble fibre and excellent for your digestion. Oats for breakfast will keep your energy level steady so your body is satisfied for longer.

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