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Oil Olive - Cask Blend 1L


Oil Olive - Cask Blend 1L


Yalla-y-poora Grove is a relatively young olive grove inspired by the desire to farm purely. Demeter Bio-dynamic, the premium organic method of farming is our practice.

The heart of Bio-dynamic farming is the soil. In simple terms, we believe that healthy well structured soil naturally gives rise to healthy, fresh and tasty produce. No fertilizers, insecticides or GMO/GEO products are used on our grove.

During the harvest period, April through June, we harvest each morning and process on-site the same afternoon (weather permitting!), using our own state of the art cold extraction olive press. Bottling and packaging is also done on-site (inside a special air-conditioned room). This ensures we maintain maximum freshness and total quality control of our Demeter certified bio-dynamic produce from tree to table!

And as we deliver direct to you, food kilometers are kept to an absolute minimum.


Brand: Yalla-y-poora

Origin: Victoria

Certification: DA

Weight / Volume: 1L

Sold as Units: Yes