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Licorice – Raspberry Milk Choc

Raspberry licorice (made with real freeze dried raspberries) coated in organic couverture milk chocolate 

Licorice is a medicinal herb that dates back over 4000 years. Ancient clay tables describe as the “elixir of life” for its cure all characteristics. The botanical name for licorice actually means sweet root and is the key to the remarkable taste and medicinal properties of licorice. In the root of the licorice plant is a substance called “glycyrrhizin” which is 50 times sweeter than cane sugar. This has made the root of the licorice plant a versatile and healthy flavouring in many foods and medicines. Licorice root powder has a number of health benefits:

– Boosts the immune system
– Is a mild natural pain reliever
– Aids endurance
– Activates the liver
– Rejuvenates the pancreas
– Strengthens the respiratory system
– Aids digestion
– Cures ulcers
– Fights tooth decay

Modern research has been able to substitute synthetic substances for licorice, however they don’t have the same therapeutic benefits. Organic licorice attempts to adhere to the traditional methods of growing and making licorice that combines the taste and the health benefits of this ancient herb.

We coat all our products in an Organic Belgian styled coverture chocolate. This differs tremendously from compound chocolate typically found in supermarkets. Coverture chocolate uses the whole of the cacao bean rather than substituting ingredients. This results in a luxuriously smooth and full flavoured chocolate that is extremely beneficial to your health.

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