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Raw Honey - Mountain Tea Tree - MGO 90+ 500g

Raw Honey

Raw Honey - Mountain Tea Tree - MGO 90+ 500g

Raw Honey

Mountain Tea-Tree with Alpine Ash and Mountain Gum

New Zealand is famous for its Manuka honey, but did you know that Manuka, which is type a of Tea-Tree is also produced right here is Australia. In fact, Australia is home to more than 80 species of Tea-Tree (NZ has only two).

Manuka honey is known for its unique healing qualities and has been used by indigenous people in traditional medicines for centuries. Laboratory testing now enables an accurate measurement of each honey's antibacterial activity, which can range from almost zero (regular table honey) to that applied as a hospital grade wound dressing.

The healing potential of Tea-Tree honey is achieved through topical use. This means that directly applying he honey to an affected area may help to:

- Heal an infected wound;
- Encourage broken skin to heal faster and with less scarring;
- Cleanse skin that is prone to acne;
- Soothe and heal a sore throat.

The higher a honeys activity the greater its topical healing potential.
Raw Honey is a small friendly family apiary business located in Northern Victoria. We are dedicated to producing quality cold extracted pure honey varieties, among the best in Australia.

Location: Mt Stirling Alpine Resort, North East Victoria
Strength: 4/5   Sweetness: 4/5


Brand: Raw Honey

Origin: Victoria

Certification: AQ

Weight / Volume: 500g

Sold as Units: Yes